and as I have mentioned previously we are doing a series on Native American mysteries.  This month's book was Dance for the Dead which I reviewed here.  We have a discussion leader from the Kansas Humanities Council for these meetings and our leader last night did an excellent job of keeping the discussion flowing.  As anyone knows who's attended a book discussion group, the interesting part is how differently people view the exact same words.  Everyone reads the exact same words and the reactions are quite, quite different from person to person.  Things that annoyed me were really liked by other people.  Things I found intriguing didn't impact other people at all.  It's always a great moment when you mention something that struck you and everyone else around the table says, "Yes, yes! I thought that too!"  And, as always, everyone else's thoughts made me think much harder about what I had read. So while one cannot argue that reading is primarily a solitary activity, it really does add to the experience to have a good group to discuss your books with.  But as I commented earlier in my blog, done with a group or done alone, reading is still my favorite activity.