Dance for the Dead (Jane Whitefield Series #2) - Thomas Perry

My library is doing a discussion series on "Native American Mysteries" so that's how I was introduced to this book and this author.  Thank you, Parsons Public Library!  It was a very interesting read that will have me looking for the rest of the series.

Jane Whitefield, a member of the Seneca tribe, helps people disappear.  Or in the case of the boy she was helping, she needed to make someone reappear at just the right time.  Unfortunately, while getting him into the courtroom to prove he wasn't dead, several people were killed and Jane ended up in jail.  When she is released by the judge, a former cellmate comes to her for help.

The book is a tale of how to make someone disappear while very powerful interests are trying to find them.  I found that to be very interesting because much of what Jane does is not possible today in the post-911 world.  It really pointed up to me how much has changed in the current climate of anti-terrorism laws!  

The cross-country treks of Jane and her client are fast paced and kept my interest from the beginning.  The bad guy is really bad and there are a few scenes that will be disturbing to some.  They are confined to one section of the story and could be skipped without missing much.  

Jane's native American background is mainly shown through dreams that she has that help guide her a bit and they were a little too drawn out for me.  I skimmed those sections and didn't feel like I missed much.  Over all, this was a good picture of a woman who fully embraces her native American heritage while being completely contemporary.