Here on booklikes we can use shelves to make broad categories of books and then tags to specifically identify different aspects of a book (the shelf titles are also used as tags.)  I have a lot of different kinds of books on my shelves but I mainly review mysteries so here's how I use tags and what they mean. The more I review, the more I'll use tags I think.  I know people want to find just what they want to find without wading through a bunch of junk so this should make it easier to find what a person is looking for.


Old Masters-This tag means I think of this author as a true master of the genre, someone who's writing helps define what a mystery is,  and they've probably been writing prolifically for years. This would include people like Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh and Dorothy Sayers among others.


From the bookshelf-I have bookshelves that are full to overflowing as I'm sure many of you do.  Sometimes I just go find something randomly that I haven't read before that looks intriguing. These are usually books from the 70's or older.   I've rarely been disappointed with my choices. 


Kindle Freebie-Every Kindle owner probably does it.  We see freebies and we get them whether we intend to read them any time soon or not.  I feel like a hoarder with them sometimes because I have several thousand and have read very few.  So once a week or so I have started randomly picking a freebie and I've found most of them to be quite pleasant reads!


Genre and sub-genre tags-Most of my reviews are mysteries but not all so I definitely want to tag the genre. But in my mysteries there are distinct sub-genres.  Most mystery readers have their favorites so it's nice to know what you are getting into.  The majority of mine are cozy but I also like police procedurales, quirky, female PI, etc.These just further subdivide the genre of mystery.   


French-I'm obsessed with all things French so if a mystery has any relationship to France at all I'm probably going to read it.


Some specific author tags-Some authors are just so important to me that I tag them so I or any reader on booklikes can find them easily.  Right now there are two.  Barbara Michaels and Agatha Christie.  I'm sure there will be more as I keep reviewing.


1st in a series, 2nd in a series, etc-Pretty self-explanatory.  Personally, I like to start at the beginning of a series and read to the end.  I don't prefer to run willy-nilly through a series.  It doesn't always work that I can go beginning to end but it's what I prefer. My sister disagrees with me on this but other than this one quirk, she's a great sister!


Geographic tags-I like to tag by state if not by region or city.  I know sometimes I'm looking for a story set in a certain location and I find this quite helpful.