I've loved to read as long as I can remember and it's always seemed like a fairly solitary thing to do.  I remember sitting for long hours in the public library in my home town of Moore, OK. I loved having those hours of non-disturbed quiet to just read by myself.  I also spent plenty of hours in my room reading alone. I would far rather be curled up with a good book on my bed than be playing outside. I'm sure all avid readers have those kinds of memories. 


But it's also fun to discuss what you're reading with others and that was hard to do unless you happened to have friends with the same taste in reading that you had.  I was fortunate that my older sister loved mysteries as much as I did and they are still quite often a subject of our phone conversations. However, with the rise of the internet, the book conversations have become much easier to find.  With the likes of Goodreads, Librarything and, of course, our beloved Booklikes, we can connect with people reading the same things we are reading and have very good discussions in ways that were unthinkable when I was a kid. If you are using a Kindle to read, you can even see what other people are highlighting and what quotes they think are important.  And these are people you will most likely never meet.


Having these platforms to discuss our favorite books with others can definitely enhance the reading experience for me as I hear how much other people enjoyed or hated a book I just finished.  I like discussing intricate plot points or arguing the merits of one title over another.  It's great to get recommendations from other readers as to what you might want to try next. You can find so many forums where people are reading books together all over the world. 


So is reading still essentially a solitary experience or is becoming more of a team sport?  Either way, it's my favorite pastime!