I'm an 50 something mom of the 2 most wonderful kids ever. I have two lovely granddaughters and have been privileged to also mother a beautiful young woman from Germany for a year and a great young man for the last 3.  The kids all keep me young!  I live in SE Kansas which is what I like to call the pretty part of Kansas, something most people think is a contradiction in terms. I work part-time at my church where my husband is the minister. My mother-in-law, who suffers from Alzheimer's, is now living with us.


I have a degree in accounting which I haven't used in years. Besides reading, travel and genealogy are my main interests.  We've taken our kids to France, Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria besides all over the United States.  We are planning a trip to Ireland in May 2014. We live in a 105-year old Victorian that requires constant love and attention. You can see it and what we've been doing to it at http://kansasvictorian.blogspot.com/    I haven't updated there in a while but I want to get back to it.  


Like most people on this site, I've had a life-long love of reading and don't understand why it isn't everyone's favorite hobby!  If life would quit interfering I'm sure I'd be reading at least a book a day.  Mysteries are my favorite but I'll read anything that's well written and not pornographic. 


I'm having such fun with my Kindle that I have started a new blog just for my Kindle freebie reviews at http://kindlefreebiereview.blogspot.com/


Other than booklikes, my favorite books site are leafmarks and fictfact.  I love to keep track of my series!