V is for Vengeance - Sue Grafton

This book shows really shows the continuing evolution of Sue Grafton and Kinsey Millhone.  Gone are the days when the stories were told simply by Kinsey narrating her investigations to us.  Ever since S is for Silence, we have been getting multiple points of view which some people enjoy and some people don't.  I do.  

In V is for Vengeance, we have a number of story lines that intertwine to create a story with a lot of depth.  Kinsey's part in the story begins because she just happens to shoplifter while she is at an underwear sale in the local department store.  When she reports this to store security, things start to escalate.  The shoplifter is arrested but after her fiance gets her out on bail, she turns up dead.  

Because there are a number of story lines and quite a few characters, at times you wonder how this is all going to tie together.  I found each story line to be interesting on it's own and more so as they began to come together.  

The one thing that I found a bit out of character was Kinsey's going to the mob boss and trying to negotiate his help for another character in the story.  Kinsey has often made a point of saying she is not brave so this seemed like an awfully daring thing for her to do.  It didn't quite fit her personality to me.  I still loved the story, however.

I will now patiently wait until September 10th for W is for Wasted to be published.