Snow White - Stephen Carpenter

Take one of the most beloved fairy tales in the English language, add it to one of my favorite TV shows of the last several seasons and you get....a huge disappointment.  This could have been fun.  It could have been scary.  It could have been entertaining.  Instead it was predictable, flat and frankly, stupid.  Using her cell-phone as the mirror?  It texts her that she is the fairest?  Give me a break!  The take on the Evil queen felt like a sad, pathetic bid to be "relevant."  The writing was insipid.  Everything about this book screamed, "Let's make a buck while the show is still popular."  So disappointing.  If anything about the book could have had a spark of what makes the TV show good, I would have been a big fan.  The only thing I enjoyed about it was that it only took me an hour to read it.