FM For Murder: A Pamela Barnes acoustic mystery - Patricia Rockwell

The premise of this story and indeed, of this series, is that you can solve a mystery by listening to a recording of it. Far-fetched? Maybe not.

Pamela and her husband both teach at the local college where their daughter and her boyfriend attend. A grad student who moonlights as a alternative music DJ on Saturday nights is murdered while on the air in plain hearing of most of the town. Can Pamela, who's an expert in acoustics, help the local police figure out whodunit?

There are two story lines running through the book which weave together in an unusual way. I enjoyed the interplay between the two stories. I enjoyed the look into the small college atmosphere. I enjoyed the plotting of the mystery. I did figure out who the murderer was before the end but not early enough to ruin my enjoyment of the plot. It was clever and engaging.

I didn't so much enjoy the relationship between Pamela and her husband. It rang a little false. In fact, if there are shortcomings in the story, they are in the characters. I didn't get a good feel for who they were or for much depth in them. It didn't feel as warm as cozies usually feel. I think that's something that could be changed and improved as the series continues. It shows a lot of promise and I will be interested to see how it goes.

I received this through Goodreads give-away program and I appreciated the opportunity to give it an honest review.