Booked for Murder - Tim Myers

If you've read this far in the series, and they should be read in order, Alex and Elise feel like old friends.  Old friends that you want to grab by the shirt collars and yell, "Get on with it already."


The Hatteras West Inn is having a exhibition of a Carolina Rhapsody Emerald.  The owner isn't particularly pleasant and they have to have a full-time security guard so Alex is happy to see the exhibition coming to an end.  It can't be that simple though.  The emerald is stolen, dead bodies turn up, it's business as usual at Hatteras West.  And as usual, the story is entertaining, light and fun.  A few red herrings but nothing to tax your brain.


I love these characters.  I like visiting with them and find out what adventures they've been up to.  But these are two single adult people who have been obviously attracted to each other from the first book.  Which is worse, a love triangle that goes on too long or a slow burn that burns way too slowly?