R is for Ricochet (Kinsey Millhone, #18) - Sue Grafton

This is a very different story from the previous Kinsey stories and it's gotten some bad reviews because of that but it's in the top 5 for me.  It's clever and kept my curiosity up through the whole story.  

Kinsey has been hired by a elderly gentlemen to pick up his 30 year old daughter, Reba,  from the Correctional Institute for Women after doing 2 years for embezzlement.  He wants her to get the daughter home and settled, then her job is done.  Of course, we know it won't end there. Turns out, Reba was working with her employer when the money disappeared and they are heavily involved with money laundering.  The FBI is after them and wants Reba to turn on her former boss. The way this all plays out makes a a clever story, in my opinion.  There is no murder mystery here but the story we do have is great.

We have two other side issues going on.  Kinsey's relationship with Cheney and Henry's relationship with his brothers and the woman he's interested in.  They keep Kinsey feeling like a real person in a real world.  

Yes, this is not the same type of story we've had in the past but it's one of the best.