Room for Murder - Tim Myers

Hatteras West sounds like an ideal place to take a vacation.  Cozy inn, nestled in the North Carolina mountains, exact replica of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse.  Yep, ideal.  Except that every time we visit there, a dead body turns up.  This time it's the ex-husband of one of Alex's closest friends.


Emma and Mor have finally decided to tie the knot and the inn would be the perfect place to do that.  If just Emma's ex hadn't turned up dead in the parking lot with she or Mor as the prime suspect.  Alex and Elise aren't about to let either one of them be convicted of the crime so they set about to find the real killer.


These books could be read as stand-alones but they are so much better as a series.  The characters' relationships really do grow over the course of the books and I think the enjoyment of them would be far greater to see that growth.  As with each of the other books in this series, this one is a great way to spend a couple of relaxing hours.