P is for Peril - Sue Grafton

Kinsey is once again on a missing persons case.  A well-respected doctor is missing and his ex-wife wants him found.  Odd that it's his ex-wife and not his current wife but of course, that is just the beginning of the oddities in the case.  As Kinsey begins to pursue the case, she learns that the doctor is being investigated for Medicare fraud at the nursing home he was running.  She also learns that his current wife has a daughter from a previous relationship who devotes her time to finding ways to run away.  The mystery takes twists and turns involving ownership of the nursing home and the current wife's ex-husband.  The answer to the mystery was surprising  and I like that.


The part of the story that was much more interesting to me, though, was Kinsey's own personal problem that develops over the course of the book.  In pursuit of new office space, she meets two brothers who own what seems to be the perfect space for her.  She is immediately attracted to one of the brothers and he reciprocates.  She soon finds out that this relationship will be far more complicated than she could have imagined. 


This entry into the series is satisfying and entertaining, one of my favorites.