O is for Outlaw - Sue Grafton

O is for Outlaw begins with Kinsey getting a phone call from a man who claims to have something that belongs to her.  Turns out, he had bought the contents of a storage unit at an auction and it contained some things that were hers.  He’s willing to sell them back to her for the right price.  This intriguing beginning leads us on a trail that will reveal more about Kinsey’s past than most of her other books have ever revealed.


As it turns out, the storage locker belonged to Kinsey’s first ex-husband whom, up to this point, we have known nothing about. We find out why they split up and that possibly, Kinsey was in the wrong. This really bothers Kinsey and she has to find out the truth.  Going back to re-investigate an old murder and old acquaintances can have deadly consequences!


I enjoyed this book for the interesting mystery and for the depth of background we pick up on Kinsey.  Sue Grafton is still going strong 15 books into this series.