Dance of the Winnebagos - Ann Charles

"Dance of the Winnebagos" is a light little romantic mystery, heavy on the heavy breathing, light on the mystery.

Claire has been sent with her grandfather when he goes to Arizona to stay in an RV park with his buddies in the hopes of meeting some women.  Claire's job is to keep him out of trouble.  She's pretty clear that's not going to happen.  But when his dog finds a human femur in the desert and Claire find the hunky nephew of the RV park owner, she's in a lot more trouble than her grandfather is.  

The answer to the mystery is pretty obvious from the beginning and it's seems it's just a background for Claire and Mac to get hot and heavy together.  That's ok if that's what you're looking for.  I prefer a little more mystery in my mysteries but I will say that this was a fun couple of hours read.  The grandfather and his friends are spicy, the RV park owner's daughter is realistic and the characters are likeable.  I'm sure I'll read the next in the series just to find out how the various relationships progress.  But I won't be reading them for the mystery.