Majician/51 - Mike W. Barr

To be 100% honest, I read half of this book. I put it on my "read" shelf because I won't be coming back to it but 50% was as far as I could make it. I gave it two stars because Area 51 is always an interesting subject to me but this story just wasn't. Interesting, that is. The plot line felt amateur and childish other than some sex stuff thrown in that didn't really do anything for the story. Things happened without adequate explanation and it felt jumpy and disjointed at times. It felt as if someone wanted to be a sci-fi writer and just wrote down whatever came into their head. I like aliens and I'm plenty ready to suspend disbelief but there was nothing to believe in here.

I hate giving negative reviews to anyone who managed to get a novel down on paper but this one was not good and I wouldn't recommend it.

I received this book through a giveaway on librarything and I appreciated the opportunity to read and review it.