The Garden Plot - Marty Wingate

I've been known to compare cozy mysteries to various foods such as marshmallows and cupcakes.  This one I would have to compare to one of those fabulous desserts that has whipped cream and chocolate and nuts and a great crust.  You're so happy that you choose to eat dessert that night and you're so satisfied when your plate is clean.  I enjoyed this book that much.


Pru Parke is an American ex-pat gardener living in London after the death of her mom who was British.  Even though Pru's dad was American and she grew up in Dallas, England felt more like home to her because everything her mom had told her and how she had brought her up.  She has decided that if she can't find a permanent job in one year, she's going back to Texas and a guaranteed job.  As she takes on one of her last jobs in London, a body turning up in the garden she's working on throws her life into turmoil. 


One of the strengths of this book is the character of the, well, characters.  They were good people trying to do the right things, except for the villains and they obviously had to be villainous.  I don't enjoy books where the good guys are rude to each other or sarcastic or hate each other through most of the book.  While there were a few instances of people doing things that rational thought should have told them not to do, it wasn't ever out of spite or meanness.  These characters felt and acted like the friends and family they were supposed to be to each other.  The romance was pleasant without all the angst that some writers can't seem to do without. 


I found everything about this book to be enjoyable.  I loved the London atmosphere, the characters were likeable people that I could enjoy, the mystery was well done, the writing was smooth and the editing was professional.  I hope we get to visit with Pru Parke and her friends a lot more in the future.


I received this book through Netgalley and appreciated the opportunity to read and review it.