"M" is for Malice - Sue Grafton

Kinsey is asked by her cousin Tasha to find a missing heir for a family that really doesn’t want him back. He left years ago, running from him “bad boy” and “black sheep” reputation.  Of course, she finds him and seeing how his life has changed, she advises him that going back would probably only cause bad things to happen.  Sure enough, he goes back and sure enough, bad things happen. 


Sue Grafton is excellent at drawing characters that we really don’t like and she definitely has those in this book.  The mystery is not difficult.  All the clues are there.  What makes this book different is the emotional depth that Kinsey feels for the missing heir.  It contrasts starkly with the emotional distance she usually keeps from just about every other human being.  It was a bit disconcerting for me.

Dietz was a back and that’s always a good thing for me.  The characters that usually ground Kinsey in her world, Rosie and Henry, were not in much evidence.  I miss them when they are gone. 


Sue Grafton is never formulaic and once again we get a story that is different and intriguing.  Halfway through the alphabet and I’m still enjoying them.