I got tagged for this a long time ago and just got around to doing now when everyone else has pretty much moved on.  Oh well, I'll still enjoy thinking about the questions!


Booklet or Tome?   Tome!  I read very fast and short books are over before I know I've started! 


Pre-Owned or New?  Both! I love the feel of a brand new, never before read book but I also love the hunt and the discovery of books I've been wanting in used books stores. Both are great!


Historical Fiction or Fantasy?  Historical fiction. There is some fantasy I enjoy but mostly older stuff.  Historical fiction almost always keeps my interest.


Hardcover or Paperback? Not picky.  I just love a good story.


Funny or Sad?  Funny.  Life is too short to add more sadness that what already occurs naturally.


Do you prefer reading in Summer or Winter? I do more in winter but I love to read any time that I possibly can.


Classics or Mainstream?  I've probably read more classics but I love new and popular stuff too.  Anything with a good story.


Guidebook or Fiction? Mostly fiction. Non-fiction when I'm researching something.  I do love travel guidebooks!


Crime Novel or Thriller? What would mysteries be considered?  Mysteries are my favorite!  Primarily Golden Age and cozies.


Ebook or Print?  Whichever is easiest for me to get my hands on.


Collecting or Clearing Out?  Collecting.  That is only true of books. For everything else, I'm a thrower.


Internet or Bookstore? Love them both!  I don't live near a bookstore so I'm interneting more than usual but I love bookstores when I can get to them.


Backlist or New Publications?  Probably equally balanced between the two.


Best or Bad Seller?  Wow, I'm not sure how to answer that one. I definitely don't pick my books by what everyone else is reading.


Cookbook or Baking Book?  Cookbook.  I love to make meals for the family.