Guidebook To Murder - Lynn Cahoon

This is pure relaxing escapism. All the elements are here for a fun read.  

Jill has moved from the high pressure life of an attorney in the big city to the slower paced life of a bookstore owner in a small touristy town.  Miss Emily, one of the local senior citizens, was the main reason for the move as she had welcomed and befriended Jill when she was vacationing in South Cove.  Therefore, when Jill finds Miss Emily dead on the floor of her own kitchen, Jill is not going to let someone get away with murder.

The plot covers disinherited relatives, art theft, unscrupulous developers, unknown paternity and, of course, an amazingly handsome detective.  It's fun, it's cozy and it's easy to read and I enjoyed it.

There were two issues that left me scratching my head a little.  Jill has reason to believe that the detective, who is obviously interested in her, is married.  So why doesn't she ask him?  The underlying "is he or isn't he" should have been resolved early with a simple question, "So, are you married?"  People ask it to other people all the time. I wish she would have asked it sooner.

The other issue was the contractors she dealt with to fix up Miss Emily's house.  She called, they came out immediately and started working.  I've never dealt with a contractor of any kind that came the first time you called him, especially the very day you called him, and then started right to work.  Dealing with contractors is one of the most frustrating things you can do so it was unbelievable to me that they worked for Jill the way they did.  

Are those two issues nitpicky?  Maybe.  They did pull me out of the story just a bit so I mention them.  Those aside, the book is fun, I enjoyed it and I'll be waiting for Mission to Murder, the follow-up that comes out later this year

I received this book through Netgalley and I appreciated the opportunity to read and review it.