City of Silence - Kim Wright

This story, the third in the City of Mystery series, is very intriguing and the setting, St. Petersburg Russia, is an uncommon one for historical mysteries. Queen Victoria, traveling to Russia to check on her granddaughter Ella and the prospects of her other granddaughter Alix to  marry the future Czar, takes what has become a fledgling forensics team with her.  Of course, they end up needing to solve a mystery and the Russian authorities are not keen on having English help.  The plot is set in the Winter Palace which almost becomes a character in itself. It actually made me want to do further research on the Palace.

I do think that the characters in this series will be much more understandable if you read the series from the beginning, rather than jumping in with this book. They feel very real and by this third story, are becoming good friends to the reader. The story itself will keep you interested right from the first page. I'm becoming a big fan of this series but it would be best to read them in order.

I enjoyed the first two in the City of Mystery series but like many others, I noticed all the editing errors. This one, while still seeing a few, was much better edited.