A Dyeing Shame (A Myrtle Clover Mystery #2) - Elizabeth Spann Craig

A Dyeing Shame is a fluffiest of the fluffy type piece of fun.  A cozy mystery with an 80 year old sleuth-heroine set in a small town with the murder in the town beauty parlor?  Can't get much fluffier!

Myrtle Clover is a retired English teacher with a Chief-of-Police son.  She writes a helpful tips column for the local paper but that isn't enough to keep her mind busy and when a dead body shows up in her local beauty parlor, she can't help herself.  She has to find out what happened.  Over the protests of her son and the state police detective, Myrtle sets out to solve the case.  Since all the suspects are her friends, neighbors and acquaintances, she might have more luck than the officials!

This book is light, fun and, as I've said, fluffy.  The characters are definite "types", the stressed out mom, the socialite, the old maid, the reformed bad girl.  This isn't a drawback, it's one of the things that makes it comfy.  Quick and easy reading, nothing stressful, controversial or disturbing.  A fun way to spend a couple of hours and you could recommend it to your 13 year old daughter or your 83 year old grandmother.