A Bobwhite Killing: A Bob White Murder Mystery - Jan Dunlap

A Bobwhite Killing is quite a fun piece of entertainment!  It's cozy, it's funny, it's engaging and it has a decent mystery.

Bob White has decided to spend the weekend bird watching with Jack O'Keefe's birding group to escape his sister's relentless preparations for her upcoming wedding.  It's been reported that the Northern Bobwhite, which was thought to be extinct, has been spotted in the area.  It's enough to get any true birder's heart beating fast!  When he arrives, he finds that the leader of the birding weekend is now married to Bob's teenage crush.  When he later finds that leader murdered, it's clear the weekend won't turn out as he's planned.

This is pure escapism.  It has a gentle feel that I thoroughly enjoyed.  It had a lot of humour and I like the Minnesota setting.  I could feel the atmosphere of the forest.  

The only slight drawback to me was how many characters there were.  I had to go back a couple of times to see who was who.  I actually laughed when I read this sentence, "I think Billy called up Ben after he followed Jack to Kami's at Shana's request."  So many names!  I wondered if the author meant that to be humorous or if it just came across that way to me. However it was meant, this is an enjoyable cozy that gave me several hours of pleasure and I'm sure the others in the series will do the same.