The Time Factory: How to Find Time When There's No Time - Sharon D. Fiberesima

The Time Factory: How to Find time When There's No Time is a very straight-forward time management book for internet entrepreneurs.  The information inside isn't anything that you couldn't find elsewhere but it is useful and said well.  The idea of a "not to do" list is something I hadn't thought of in those terms and mentioning that your desk should be a haven where you want to be gave me some ideas that I can use right away.  I thought a number of the ideas could have been more specific and I would have liked a few more real-life examples but the book did remind me of some things that I knew but wasn't doing and that was very helpful.  All in all, not a detailed system like Get It Done, just some good general advice on using time effectively.

I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.