Inn Keeping with Murder (Old Maids of Mercer Island) - Lynn Bohart

I have a thing for big old Victorian houses,(yes, I live in one) so the cover of this book drew me in immediately. The characters drew me in further.  An good start to what is evidently going to be a new cozy series.

Julia Applegate owns the St. Claire Inn on Mercer Island which has been converted into a high end B&B. She and the close friends in her book club have formed a tight bond that is almost family.  When a good friend of theirs apparently commits suicide and then one of their own members drops dead in the Inn right in front of them, they are determined to find the culprit.  The St. Claire Inn is haunted and even the ghosts get in on the action of helping to solve the murders. A Great Dane and two dachshunds round out the cast of pretty interesting characters.

I felt the answer to the mystery was telegraphed pretty early in the book.  I'm not usually good at figuring out whodunit so it was unusual for me to have nailed it so early.  I did enjoy the characters and the setting. I'm enjoying books where the characters are a bit older and yet are still fully drawn individuals. I love this trend of older characters in mysteries.

If there are more books forthcoming, I'll be back for them.  I think the potential in the characters is enormous and the setting of an Inn with strangers coming and going could be a great platform for mysteries.  I'll watch and see where this goes.