Sacred Games - Gary Corby

I told myself that I would finish Sacred Games during the Winter Olympics but during the Olympics I was, well, watching the Olympics so I didn’t finish this until the week after.  This book about the ancient Olympics is a great companion to the modern Olympics.  Definitely makes you think about them in a different way.  


Nicolaus, back from his adventures in The Ionia Sanction, is at Olympus with Diotima, his almost fiancé/wife.    A murder most foul occurs before the Games even start and Nicolaus is tasked to prove that his best friend, the leading pankratist competitor, is innocent. The future of all Greece could hang on this investigation because, of course, Nicolaus and his friend are Athenian and the victim was Spartan. A Peloponnesian war could be in the offing!


Gary Corby does a wonderful job of making the Games come alive for us.  I’ve studies Ancient Greece and the Games to some degree and this is exactly what I would expect them to look like. It all played out beautifully in my mind just like a movie.  The description of the chariot race was particularly good. Nicolaus’ little brother Socrates (yes, that Socrates) makes interesting little cameos and I hope as the series moves on he will contribute more and more.  I did not know whodunit until Nicolaus revealed it to me and the Olympic judges though looking back I can see that the clues were there. 


Since this is Ancient Greece, where acceptable behavior is quite different than today, there is a lot of open talk of sex and prostitutes.  It’s not graphic, it’s just part of their world but be aware if that is not something you want to read and it may affect who else you let read it.

This the third in this series and I had read the second one.  You can read this as a stand-alone, you won’t have any trouble following the story.  I need to find the first and the fourth because I am really enjoying these characters.  Thanks to Gary Corby for giving us mystery fans something a little different to enjoy.


I received this from the author through a giveaway on booklikes and I really appreciated the opportunity to give it an honest review.