Murder at the Vicarage - Agatha Christie

"The young people think the old people are fools; but the old people know the young people are fools!" And thus we are introduced to Miss Marple, one on the most famous amateur sleuths in literature.

When Colonel Protheroe is murdered in the study at the Vicarage in St. Mary Meade, suspects are many. No one, including his wife and daughter, cared much for the Colonel and he could make enemies at the drop of a hat. In a village the size of St. Mary Meade, everyone knows everyone's business and everyone is sure they have the correct suspect. This is the quintessential village murder mystery and done as only an expert in the genre, Agatha Christie, can do it.

Told from the point of view of the Vicar, this story is pure mystery entertainment. Alibis, rumours, planted evidence, gossip, mysterious pasts, secret identities, misdirection, red herrings, this story has it all and I enjoyed every minute of it. Miss Marple, with her usual clear view of human nature, sorts it all out for us and when she explains it, you know it couldn't have happened any other way. One of the reasons that Agatha Christie is, and always has been, my favorite mystery author.