A Time of Myths: A Mystery Adventure - Chris Blamires

This book said it was a mystery adventure.  Adventure, yes. Mystery, no.  As an avid mystery reader, I would never put this book in that genre.  I'm not criticizing because I enjoyed the book, I'm just saying.  I would put it firmly in the literary or coming-of-age genres.

The book is the story of 5 British young people who meet each other for the first time on the way to Woodstock.  They each are carrying their own secrets and pains as everyone does and these secrets and pains are what brought each person to Woodstock in the first place.  I'm not a fan of the Woodstock or hippie mentality and this didn't story didn't change my opinions on that.  Again, not criticizing, just commenting.  These 5 people are bonded together for life because of their experiences there and their trip afterwards to Greece which has life altering consequences for all 5. We end up with the consequences of all this 20 years later.

Trying to describe the plot would make it sound really hokey and a few parts of it were.  The idea that all 5 kids have the ability and time to just take off for Greece on holiday was very contrived.  I think the author wanted to be able to work in the idea of myths and felt he needed the Greek setting to do so.  The myths the title refers to, however, are not Greek, they are the ones that people tell themselves about life.

The story is non-linear. There are continual flashbacks.  I know this annoys some readers so I wanted to mention it.  It does take a little concentration to know where you are in time.

To sum it up,this is an unusual book, well-written and interesting.  I would be interested to know what this author comes up with next.

I received this book from author through librarything and I appreciated the opportunity to read and review it.