Acts of Courage:Strategies to End Bullying - MS Karen Haslett

This book was inspired by the story a young man told at church one Sunday about how much he had been bullied during his school years. His story was the moving force behind Mrs. Haslett putting the research and thought into how we can help children with what seems to be an ever-growing problem.

Acts of Courage can be read by children themselves or used by adults helping children combat bullying. It's a quick and simple book to read but sets up scenarios where children can practice what they are learning. At the end of each section there are directions for one-act plays to set the scene. The courage to take a stand not only for yourself but for others is emphasized. Going through these chapters and these scenes should leave children feeling strong and positive about themselves and their abilities to deal with the situations they encounter.

Mrs. Haslett is a Christian and does include scripture that can be used with each chapter if you are using this in a Christian school, church or homeschool setting but those sections are clearly defined and can be left out if you are in a setting where that is not wanted or permitted. Having spent her career in public school, this book is perfectly appropriate for secular settings. In fact, any setting where adults are working with children would benefit from the types of information and exercises provided in Acts of Courage.