Lady: A Novel - Thomas Tryon

The cover of this book might lead you to believe that this is some kind of horror or supernatural tale. It's not. It is a bit haunting but not in a ghostly kind of way. It's a beautifully told story of a boy and his relationship with his neighbor, a wealthy widow who is a bit of a tragic figure and inspires the name of the book. This is not a traditional mystery in any way but the sense that there are many mysteries right under the surface is very strong.

Woody is eight when he first meets and befriends his neighbor who is known to the whole town as "Lady." She lost her husband at a relatively young age and has been living in her big mansion with just 2 servants ever since. She becomes the central figure in the life of Woody and of his family for years to come. While Lady is wonderfully kind and plays the Lady Bountiful to his family, it's obvious there are many secrets and tragedies in her life that Woody would love to unravel.

Lady is a moody and atmospheric book. Thomas Tryon is able to set scenes that are as clear in my mind as if I were there. It can be dark and brooding and it can be light and fun. The ability to create atmosphere is my favorite quality in an author and Tryon does it in spades. It's also firmly set in it's small town. As with any good book, the setting is almost a character in itself. This is a book I will be able to return to and enjoy many times.

I received Lady through Netgalley and I appreciated the opportunity to read and review it.