The Ionia Sanction - Gary Corby

Trouble is afoot in Athens and Nico, the aspiring 21 year old investigator, is called upon to get to the bottom of it!


Our hero is  Nico, who wants to be an investigator but is being pressured by his very traditional father to go into the family sculpting business.  Socrates is his younger brother and, as may be imagined, is quite precocious.


Thorion is the proxenos of Ephesus in Athens and when it is discovered that he was murdered,  Pericles, the leading political figure of Athens, puts Nico on the job of finding the culprit. When Nico finds incriminating papers in the proxenos' office which lead him to believe that the murderer came from Ephesus, he starts on a long trail that will end in Magnesia with palace intrigue, a beautiful young slave girl, a feisty priestess of Artemis, surprising revelations and treachery galore. I found the story quite engrossing.


I have not read The Pericles Commission which is the first in this series but I don't believe that changed my enjoyment of the book at all. This is a fun read that includes tons of historical detail and historical figures.  The mystery is good, the characters are believable and I will be reading the rest of the books in this series.


Here's my caveat and the reason I gave it 3 1/2 stars rather than 4.  There was a scene where the characters came upon a tortured man and it was just way too graphic for my taste. If it had come earlier in the story, I might not have continued to read. There was also a sex scene that was too graphic for me.  Both scenes felt out of step with the rest of the book.  Without them, it's a really fun and entertaining book so readers can decide whether that kind of thing bothers them or not.


I received this book from the author through booklikes and I appreciated the opportunity to read and review it.