Designed to Death - Christina Freeburn

Designed to Death was right up my alley.  A little humour, a little romance but mainly a lot of mystery.  Definitely in my favorite genre, American Cozy mysteries.

Faith works in her grandmothers' scrapbooking shop, Scrap This.  They have a special event planned with a local celebrity scrapper which turns into an all out brawl.  When one of the main participants turns up dead later that day, Faith needs to find out who the murderer is to save her grandmothers and their store from disaster, not to mention clearing her own name. Her involvement with the D.A. and the local homicide detective make her investigations even more interesting.

Designed to Death is set in a small town and that atmosphere really comes through. It's got a light  feel to it.  It emphasizes family relationship and friends in a positive way, something I appreciate after some of the books I've read lately. I know nothing about scrapbooking but that doesn't detract from the story.  I felt like I learned quite a bit about the subject through this book. This is the second in the series and I think it would have been better to read the first one first, but I still enjoyed this immensely and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone who likes an entertaining cozy mystery.

I received this through Netgalley and appreciated the opportunity to read and review it.