Footprints in the Sand: A Piper Donovan Mystery (Piper Donovan Mysteries) - Mary Jane Clark

Piper Donovan, aspiring actress, is headed to Florida to be the maid-of-honor in her cousin's wedding and to help her mom bake the wedding cake.  When she arrives, she find that one of the bridesmaids has disappeared and no one has seen her for three days.  This is just the first of a string of unfortunate events that seem to be plaguing this wedding.  The beautiful Sarasota beach setting seems to be covering a dark secret and Piper is determined to find out what it is so her cousin's wedding won't be ruined.  There are plenty of suspects, interesting characters,lovely settings and sea turtles. In fact, a great beach read!

American Cozy Mysteries (don't know if that's an official genre but it is to me!) is my favorite genre and this is a fun, fluffy example. There is the involvement of the  Amish community which I know appeals to many readers. Footprints in the Sand is the third mystery in the Piper Donovan series and the first one I've read but that doesn't seem to be a problem.  It was fine as a stand-alone mystery. It's a quick read that makes me want to find the first two in the series.

I received this book from as a Goodreads giveaway and I appreciated the chance to read and review it.