(Dis)Comfort Food - Brad  Carter

This is one of the most distasteful books I have read in years.  The only reason it got 1 and a half  stars instead of 1 is that I didn't find any typos or misspellings. Other than that, there was nothing about this book to like. This showed up on Netgalley under "Mysteries and Thrillers" but there was no mystery involved and it certainly wasn't thrilling.

The book begins with the death of the protagonist's mom and various people bringing over food which is customary when a member of the family dies. One woman's food has a strange effect and the story revolves around the ability to use food to produce different results in people through the use of having a "special gift". I don't want to give spoilers so it's hard to describe the story but what I can say is what was so profoundly disturbing about it.  The protagonist is the most petty, bitter, mean-spirited character that I've met in a book in a long time.  The book is written in first person so we have a never-ending stream of Rosie making fun of basically every person she meets.  Alzheimer's patients, anyone who attends church, people who like dogs, people who are well off, people who are poor, anyone who lives a normal middle-class life, teachers, anyone who dresses differently than her, doctors, teenagers, you name it, she derides and belittles them.  It was very difficult to finish the book but I didn't want to write a review without having given it a fair shot so I read every single word of the thing.  When you include the pedophilia and kiddie porn, you have a book that I can't wait to get off my Kindle.  

I received this book from Netgalley and this is my honest review.