In the Blood (A Genealogical Crime Mystery #1) - Steve  Robinson

I saw this book on a Kindle Freebie site one day and I knew I would be hooked!  Genealogy and mysteries!  What could be better?  These are my two favorite hobbies!


Jefferson Tayte is a professional genealogist who has been hired to provide a family history for his client's wife as a birthday present.  However, the family seems to disappear right after the Revolutionary War. They were Loyalists who went back to England but once they sail, the only one who ever reappears is the father.  What happened to the wife and children?  Tate, who hates flying, is forced to go to Cornwall where it's very clear that there are plenty of people who don't want the answers uncovered. 


This story was interesting from start to finish.  There is a lot of history of the area brought into play.  There is a wealthy and ancient family that depend on not having their secrets revealed. There is an amateur sleuth and a damsel in distress. There is a well-constructed mystery that isn't easy to solve.  There is digging up old graveyards.  This is the debut of an extremely competent mystery writer who uses all the elements a mystery reader wants. The start of a solid series and I will be buying the next two books.  This was one of those occasions when a Kindle Freebie is destined to become a lifelong favorite!