"L" is for Lawless - Sue Grafton

Kinsey gets herself in another weird and interesting situation in L is for Lawless.  By trying to help a neighbor, pro-bono, she ends up in a cross-country trip with plenty of danger and mystery.

Her landlord Henry asks her to help a neighbor down the street with a little problem of trying to get death benefits from the army for his grandfather who served in Burma in WWII and has now died.   Kinsey is willing to help because she's taking some time off from her usual PI work to help Rosie and William get ready for their wedding on Thanksgiving.  One little roadblock, the army has never heard of his grandfather.

When a stranger from the grandfather's past shows up and then the apartment he was living in gets vandalized, they realize there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye.  A chase begins that leads Kinsey to Dallas and eventually to Louisville.  All she wants to do is get home in time for the big wedding.

Through the book, Kinsey is still struggling with the idea that she has family that would like to get to know her.  Family dynamics are foreign to her.  Since the people she is on the run with are a father and daughter, the whole idea of "family" is an underlying theme.  Will Kinsey be willing to reach out to hers or not?