K is for Killer (Kinsey Millhone, #11) - Sue Grafton

Another home run for Sue Grafton.  I loved this book but I almost hate to gush over it because that feels like it would go against the atmosphere of the book.  

Kinsey has been asked to by a mother to investigate the death of her daughter on which the police have not been able to make much headway.  From there Kinsey gets sucked into the life of the night people in Santa Teresa.  She meets hookers, night djs, nurses that work the night shift and waitresses that work at night.  Her own life gets turned upside down as she starts working nights and sleeping days.  It really has a brooding atmospheric feeling like an old film noir.

The story has a lot of suspicious characters and lines of investigation to follow, a lot of leg work on Kinsey's part. The atmosphere almost clings around this book like night fog.  In the end, you can decide whether justice was done or not. This is a story that will stay with you.