F is for Fugitive - Sue Grafton

I'm a big fan of Kinsey Millhone but this is my least favorite book of the series so far. The mystery is interesting and it took a while to figure out but Kinsey's attitude through the whole book was disturbing. She seems very contemptuous of anyone with physical disabilities, a family, any religious feelings or anyone that's out of shape. Her rude comments about people in these categories really distract from the story and I'm guessing that a lot of her readers fall in at least one of these categories. The cast of characters are not very likeable either.


The mystery involves a 17 year old murder case.  Bailey Fowler confessed to the murder but escaped from prison.  After leaving many years as a private citizen, he is recaptured and going back to prison.  His family asks Kensey to prove his innocence.  This book is not set in Santa Teresa because Kinsey's apartment is being rebuilt after a bomb destroyed it in the last book.

I'll keep reading the series because they are well-written, interesting mysteries but I'm hoping for better things from "G."