E is for Evidence - Sue Grafton

This book gives us a lot of insight into Kinsey as well as a good mystery. We find out quite a bit of background on her ex-husband and their marriage which makes Kinsey an even more well-rounded character than she already was. The people involved in the mystery are people she's known for years and again, we see her as a person with history. She's not nearly so dismissive of the social aspects of life, in fact, she wishes she was part of some of them! Nice character development.

This story centers around a warehouse fire and the warehouse happens to be owned by the family of some of Kinsey's childhood friends.  Kinsey is asked by the insurance company she works for to investigate the fire.  Having $5000 show up in her account that she didn't deposit complicates the matter for sure.

I wasn't expecting some of the twists and that's always good. As always, I like the explanation of day-to-day aspects of the PI trade. An excellent entry in this series!