C is for Corpse - Sue Grafton

One of the things I love about the Kinsey Milhone series is that they are anything but formulaic. Every story is new and fresh.

The case Kinsey has taken on is brought to her by a young man who was nearly killed in a automobile accident.  Everyone believes it was just an accident except the boy himself.  He's sure he was being targeted by a murderer.  And sure enough, a few days later he is dead.  Kinsey is determined to find the killer she was hired to find, even if the client his dead.  His family, which she become very involved with, is a cast of sad and needy characters.

The side story of Kinsey dealing with a new member of their neighborhood is a nice way of making Kinsey something more than just a private detective. She's a person in a neighborhood and a community with friends and connections. There is nice continuity with her lunch with a former love interest. The main mystery is interesting and different, the side stories have lots of complex characters and settings. This is one I'll read again.


Anthony Award winner for 1987