Secretive (On The Run #2) - Sara Rosett

After having been on the run with her handsome ex-husband Jack, who is now presumed dead by the FBI, Zoe has returned to her mundane life of proof-reading travel books and real estate management.  Back to the house she now lives in alone since Jack is no longer occupying the upstairs and back to the suspicions of the FBI that she has somehow pulled a fast one with the money that had disappeared from Jack’s company.  She knows she's almost broke but the FBI likes her for the theft of the twelve million dollars.  Everything seemed to be getting back to normal when she finds herself being spied on by a man in a silver car.  When a couple of thugs in a van try to kidnap her, she knows things are heating up again.  A rare visit from her mom provides the final puzzle piece that gets her back into action.


Zoe travels to exciting destinations, meets exciting characters and reunites with old friends from her first European adventure.  There are twists, there are daring escapes, there is a little romance. This is a fast-paced series that is just fun to read but I definitely would begin with the first of the series, Elusive.


It’s so easy for me to relate to Zoe, not in how her life is, but in how she wants her life to be.  This is an easy read that makes me happy in th same way an icy cold glass of Dr. Pepper makes me happy.


I received this book from the author through Librarything in exchange for my honest review which I have given.