Act Normal - William Manchee
I received this book through Goodreads First Reads giveaway. I appreciate Goodreads and the author for letting me read this book for free. Thanks!This is a hard review to write because I liked the book in many ways but it is deeply flawed in so many others. Here's what I liked. The plot did keep me very interested. The sections of the book that were pure legal thriller were very good and intriguing. I did want to know what happened next and how the trials were going to turn out. The characters pulled me in and I did feel like I knew them even though this is the eighth book in a series but the first one I had read. I enjoyed the time I spent reading this and I wish it had been a pure legal thriller.Here's what I didn't like. It wasn't a pure legal thriller. Every time the aliens came up, I had to roll my eyes. The whole alien aspect to this was just so unnecessary and cheesy. It threw me out of the mood of the book every time. What was worse than the alien plot line was the editing! Quotation marks were quite often in the wrong place which made reading dialogue a bit challenging in a few places. Characters were called by the wrong names several times. Ben was called Dan, Ruth was called Barbara. The wrong words were used such as own for down. And practically every meal was eaten at IHOP. Small continuity errors abounded. I think a good editor could have cleaned up all this and the author would have had a pretty good book on his hands. As it is, I just couldn't give it a higher rating than 2 stars.