Artful Dodger - Nageeba Davis

Artful Dodger is a quick fun read that introduces an interesting new heroine.  Maggie Kean is an aspiring sculptor living next door to a rich and influential woman who wants to help her with her art.  Finding that same woman floating in her septic system turns Maggie’s world upside down.  Meeting the handsome Italian detective running the case throws even more kinks into Maggie’s life.  This is a cozy romantic mystery that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a favorite beverage and hope no one interrupts you. 


I think this is the beginning of what could be a great series.  These characters, Maggie, her best friend Lisa, Sam Vallari and his very Italian mom and dad, all seem like characters that could have excellent development.  I love the setting in the Colorado Rockies.


This book is fun, light reading.   I was fortunate enough to get this book while it was free on Amazon but it would definitely be worth the regular price of $3.99 and I’m sure I’ll be happy to pay for the others in the series.