I see now that it was a year ago that I last posted.  I said then that getting my Master's and starting to teach had consumed me and I was going to be happy to get back to pleasure reading.  Well, that didn't happen.  I've taught more classes each semester and had to create at least one new class each semester so pleasure reading and enjoying book sites has been non-existent.  This fall I will be a full-time English professor at my local community college so I'm hoping that calms things down a bit from all the adjuncting I've been doing.  For a while, I was working for four different institutions.  Ridiculous!  Now I'm down to two and I hope to get back to reading and reviewing for pleasure.


I went over to Amazon to look at a past review and found that all the reviews I had ever done there have been removed.  Guess they didn't like me using Netgalley. Oh well, plenty of other places to review and to actually talk with other readers!  Looking forward to being part of this community again.