Missing Barbados (Caribbean Detective Corporation) - Willem Pain

Missing Barbados is a quirky, slapstick mystery set in a beautiful island setting.


Susan "Ice" Berg is the owner of the Caribbean Detective Agency.  After have a literal falling out with her recent boyfriend, working on a simple missing persons case in beautiful Barbados seems like a really good idea.  However, working again with her old operative Dutch immediately complicates matters.  Royalty is involved and a golden sword, some crashed buses, boats and helicopters.  Obviously, nothing is simple in this case.


It is an entertaining read with lots of action and a quick pace. I enjoyed it but it felt like a little something was missing.  The characters didn’t feel like there was much depth to them.  The focus was on the plot, which was good and the action, which was entertaining.  The characters seemed a little like caricatures of themselves.  Having said that, I would read more from this series because I think it’s something the author will easily correct in the future and the premise of this series feels like it could be a lot of fun. A entertaining summer or vacation read when deep thinking is not what you’re after and you just want to escape to a beautiful island!


I received this through Netgalley and appreciated the opportunity to read and review it.