Forevermore (Pat O'Malley Mysteries) (Volume 1) - Jim Musgrave

How did Edgar Allen Poe die? That is the question of this book. O'Malley was a friend and admirer of Poe's and is determined to find out how he died. His investigation is 16 years after Poe's death so he has to trace down leads where he can find them. What he finds leads him into deep trouble and weird conclusions!

The plot is imaginative and the writing style is fine but I'm sorry to say I found this book troubling. There was a emphasis on the sex life (or lack of it) of the detective and I didn't see how that helped the plot at all. It was distracting because I kept wondering why the author put that story line in the book. There was a lot of discussion of affairs and abortions. This was not what I was expecting or wanting in a book like this at all. It didn't feel connected or smooth. It just left a bad aftertaste to me.

I received this book through the Goodreads giveaway programs and I appreciated the chance to read and review it.