COP - Jim Magwood

This is the story of a cop in D.C. who has had some personal tragedies lately and is trying to cope with those while hunting down the perpetrators of some very heinous crimes. There is an arsonist and a sniper on the loose and someone is creating havoc in the computers of financial institutions. It's the story of good police work and how much investigation it really takes to solve a crime.

I found it hard to get into at first but it was worth the time it took to stick with it. It gives a good look at how crimes aren't solved in an hour like they are on tv but take a lot of dogged following-up on leads by detectives to finally come up with answers. It also shows how of our lives is available to those with good hacking skills.

My only negatives on this book would be that sometimes the dialogue didn't sound realistic, which is a common complaint for me so it must be one of the harder things to write, and that I think it was a big more drawn out than it needed to be. I think the story could have been 50 or so pages less and been a better book. Still, I enjoyed it and wouldn't hesitate to read this author again.

This book was provided through Goodreads Early Reader program. Thank you for the opportunity to read it!