Gabriella and Dr. Duggan's Secret Dimensional Transport Machine - James Cardona

Imagine a world where your parents decide what genetic qualities they want you to have and genetics companies can produce you in a test tube. This is the world that "Gabriella" is set in. The title and the cover make this seem like a book maybe for middle schoolers but don't let that deceive you. This book is much deeper and mature than the cover indicates.

The story begins with Gabriella losing her father so she and her mom have to go undercover and change their names to hide from those responsible. Life is tough until she is discovered to have amazing athletic ability, especially for one who is not genetically modified like most athletes of the day. This throws her into a world of high profile sports that changes her life completely. She is asked to be the spokesperson for Dr. Duggan's Secret Dimensional Transport Machine and life changes forever.

James Cardona's future looks a lot like ours but with some key differences. All of North America is one country. Obviously, genetic engineering is legal and accepted. The major sport is Ultraball. I think anyone from 14 or 15 on up will enjoy this novel. It has a deeper emotional feel than many YA novels. I think it leaves the door open for follow-up books and I, for one, would be anxious to read them.

I received this through Goodreads Early Readers program and I appreciated the chance to read and review it.