Shadow of the Piper - L.P. Hoffman

A story that will keep your interest from start to finish!

A young man working with the homeless in Pittsburgh is suddenly confronted by a mysterious teenager who seems to know something about his past. That's more than he can claim since he knows nothing about what happened to him before he was 5. As Jesse sets off on a mysterious journey to Hamlin, Montana with this unknown girl, it becomes clear everything is not as it should be in Hamlin and there is deep evil under the surface. Dark things are stirring and as Halloween approaches, the atmosphere of the town becomes more and more oppressive. The more characters we meet, the more the sense of impending disaster builds until you compelled to turn the page.

This was very reminiscent of Frank Peretti's books. An author with a clear Christian worldview but not afraid to tackle evil and unpleasant situations in a realistic manner. The dialogue feels realistic, the characters' reactions and emotions feel realistic, the setting feels realistic. Some plot points are definitely telegraphed early but it didn't affect my enjoyment of the book. This is a clear good vs. evil story.

I received this through Goodreads Early Readers program and I appreciated the chance to read and review it.