It's Nothing Personal - Kate O'Reilly, Sherry Gorman

It's Nothing Personal is a medical-legal thriller that kept me interested all the way to the end. It's the story of an anesthesiologist who is being sued for giving a patient Hep C because a drug-addicted tech in the OR stole some drugs and replaced them with drugs in dirty needles. Interesting and timely premise.

This is the first novel from this author and it shows a lot of promise. The story centers largely around how the anesthesiologist and her family react to all that's going on.  I found the characters to be well-drawn and easy to relate to. There were a few passages that were over-technical on either the legal or medical side. There was a little too much crying. There was a little too much back-and-forth over whether this would go to trial or settle. All that aside, I did find myself wanting to find out what happens next and I read this in two sittings. It was a pleasurable read and I'll be looking forward to more from this author.