Face of the Earth - Doug Raber, Linda Raber

How would the government react to an outbreak of smallpox is the question asked and answered in this debut thriller by Doug and Linda Raber.  The answer is explosive!


When an outbreak of smallpox occurs on the Navaho reservation in New Mexico, the CDC and the DOD react immediately and quarantine the area.  Before the quarantine is complete, a teacher is able to make a call to her friend who is a reporter for the Washington Post.  As the reporter investigates, she sees something far bigger than just a simple outbreak of chickenpox as the government tried to make everyone believe.  Her ensuing hunt for the truth and the complexities of the government response make for a real page-turner.  Once I started, I definitely did not want to stop reading!


There are a couple of minor flaws which is not unusual in a debut novel.  Most would be cleaned up by a good editor.  There was a bit more repetition than necessary, there are some punctuation and word errors, there were a few instances of stilted dialogue.  These were minor and did not detract from my enjoyment of the storyline.  I am anxious to see what these writers will do in their next novel!


I received this from Goodreads and I appreciated the chance to read and review it.